Memory Foam

My mattress came in a long rectangle box that I opened and watch unfurl it said don’t use it for four hours so I went to the gay bar to wait I slept on an air mattress before this box arrived but it popped while I was having sex which should’ve been humiliating but hey I wasn’t afraid to take someone home to my air mattress so that speaks to my humility this mattress has seen some really fucking great sex it’s seen some really sad salty tears it’s stained in regret and appreciation and coffee and it holds me at night when I don’t want to hold myself it’s where I was when the memories started it’s were I would wake up in pools of sweat and not know where or who I am it’s where I said I love you to four people and meant it twice it’s where an ex fucked their new partner when I didn’t have a home to move it into post brake up it’s the same mattress that I faked every orgasm except one it’s where I was when I realized I had never had an orgasm that wasn’t trauma induced this is the first time I’ve ever said that out loud this mattress holds my secrets it’s made of memory foam it’s where my cat is sleeping right now and it’s where I’ll sleep alone later I feel lucky to have this mattress and a room to put it in but I’m not sure how much more it can hold